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An Arrest in Saudi Arabia Could Be Felt as Far as Silicon Valley and Wall Street “Finance, technology, hospitality, entertainment and real estate: Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has invested substantially and with great fanfare in all of them, as befits his status as one of the world’s richest men. He is also believed to be under arrest in his native Saudi Arabia, ensnared in an anti-corruption dragnet that also pulled in 10 other Saudi princes, four sitting Cabinet members and ‘tens’ of former Cabinet members.” (Los Angeles Times)

Commercial Real Estate, Which Fueled Trump’s Fortune, Fares Well in Tax Plan “An industry familiar to President Trump appears to have emerged from the Republican tax rewrite relatively unscathed: commercial real estate. For months, commercial real estate developers had been concerned that the tax plan in the works would make it more difficult or expensive for them to take out huge bank loans or would damage demand in the property market.” (The New York Times)

Zara Workers Hidings Tags in Garments with Pleas for Wages “Shoppers at the fashion retailer Zara in Istanbul have found unusual tags on their garments — complaints by Turkish workers who say they have not been paid for the merchandise in the store. Workers from an outsourced manufacturer for Zara and other retailers have been going into Zara shops and leaving the tags inside clothes.” (New York Post)

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