Teaching Kids To Value Time Future To Happiness Time Rich Empire

I recently read the most profound essay written in the first person about “Time” and what to teach kids about the future I ever encountered.  This essay is a must read for every parent or caregiver of any child on this planet earth. The reason this written piece of informative data is so significant is that it explains what kids are experiencing or thinking about work and stress in terms of future success or even just stability. “Our kids are worried and their happiness is at stake for a better world and brighter future!” I’m on a mission to teach the world about Time ValueRead More →

These 3 Things Will Explode Your Online Business In 2019 Time Rich Empire

If you ask any business owner, “what do you want for your business in 2019?” Every last one of them will likely tell you the same thing. All most business owners really want in 2019, is to “explode their online business with revenue growth!” That’s all, it’s just that simple. The good news is that driving online sales for 2019, is the way to go. Now, to do this you need to focus on just three areas to make this happen. Seriously, making money online is not rocket science. The methods are tried and true. Follow the rules and you can find yourself making lotsRead More →

This is a snippet from the Book Time Rich Empire available on Amazon Overall wealth is best achieved by generating income that does not require direct action to make that income like, a W-2 employee. Here are the 7 best passive income strategies: Rental income from real estate properties Profits, cash flow, and earnings from any business that you own or have bought but have other people manage for you. Dividend and interest income from investments such as securities, commodities, stocks, bonds, Forex, notes, metals, and EFT’s Earning from online platforms such as websites, online stores, or e-commerce. Royalties paid from intellectual properties such asRead More →