Real Estate For Sale

Real Estate For Sale

We have an ever growing list of real estate for sale nationwide through our network of sellers and wholesalers. If you have any interest in any of the properties, please email us a to receive more detailed information on it.

Available Real Estate For Sale

Wholesale Deal Laurel MS Value Add Light Rehab

34 SFH sec 8 subdivision

Currently 56% oocupied and non-performing. Need minimal repairs. Assigning contract of $1.3M.

Current GOI in $110,349

Current Expenses are $246,791 including $109K in depreciation $32,749

Close by March 15 with $10,000 EMD.

We feel the value add play is to lease up the property and increase income by 40% since it is underperforming.

We have the financials that we can email for your review if you’re interested. Must be willing to sign an NDA.

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