Sell Your Home With Lease Options

Sell Your Home With Lease Options

If your property has no equity or you just can’t sell your property right now, selling your property via lease options may be a good benefit for you!

Plus this can be a win/win for you and a person who wants to own a home but can not qualify for a home loan right now or need to purchase a home in the future.

A lease option purchase is a great way to sell your property, even there is no equity now and this will enable you to:

  • Receive some cash upfront.
  • Get monthly cash flow now.
  • Pocket cash a few years later when the tenant buyer exercises the option to purchase your home.

Lease Option Benefits To Tenant/ Buyer

  • The tenant-buyer can rent the home while living in the house, at the same time the person is preparing to purchase the home in the future.
  • This will help the renter to qualify for a mortgage loan when it is time to purchase the property, once the lease contract term ends. 

The good news is that generally, lease options also known as rent to own contracts can usually last from 2 to 4 years. Allowing the renter to purchase the property in the future at a set price agreed upon amount when the lease contract is executed.

Another great benefit of many Rent To Own contracts is that they allow for monthly payments to be applied toward the downpayment when it’s time to purchase the property once the agreement expires. 

Ultisky Real Estate Holdings, LLC is a leader in connecting renters to properties available through Rent To Own / Lease Purchase contracts. We have qualified tenant buyers ready to lease your property or we may even offer to lease option the property from you.

If you would like to sell your property with a lease option purchase give us a call at (470) 362-7887.

To get started please fill out our short online form from our secure site and you will be contacted by a representative in 24-hours.

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