Start, Fund, Grow A Cannabis Business

Cannabis Business 

The growth rate for cannabis businesses is much larger and has grown faster than even the top moneymaker technology dot-com era. Making starting a cannabis business right now, one of the smartest sustainable ideas and fastest growing business models in American history.

Today, twenty-one percent of the total U.S. population now resides in a legal adult use for marijuana location. Times are drastically changing and cannabis is an untapped marketplace…still considered in its infancy stages to serious investors looking to fund. 

In 2016, North American marijuana sales grew by an unprecedented 30%! Where legal marijuana sales were $6.7 billion dollars, expanding to the U.S. and Canada. One thing for certain, getting in now by establishing market share would be like making a shark business move. 

Cannabis Real Estate

Where Are Cannabis Growth 

Trends ? 

The most sought after is commercial real estate for a cannabis business! 

With commercial real estate for cannabis business in the sectors of land, warehouses, industrial, retail, and hotels being top areas to fund.  

As with anything, the focus areas for making an industry thrive is what attracts more investors. Vastly, investors are very interested in funding emerging technology for testing and growing cannabis.

Where retail is wide-open to attract investor funding as well! By establishing a cannabis brand, newbies can nab some serious market share. Buyouts in the future could put the dot-com era to shame…Creating for the first time instant multi-billionaires super faster than any other industry! 

Cannabis business

What’s Growing The Cannabis Business? 

The fastest engine growing the cannabis business is media and entertainment…Creating buzz around this niche industry is exactly what’s causing it to grow so fast.

People even want their cannabis news in a quick easy bundle. Apple’s App Store approved The Cannabis Daily an app that delivers top marijuana news syndicated from top sources around the world. Think like a “mini entertainment cannabis media network” all from one easy location….Yes, now there’s an app for that too! 

After achieving such wild success in Apple’s App Store, now The Cannabis Daily is available inside Google Play Store as well. Quickly becoming popular among those wanting to stay in the Cannabis know also. 

Cannabis Real Estate

Fund A Cannabis Business 

Starting a cannabis business requires strong financial commitment. The good news is there are investors ready and willing to fund commercial real estate for cannabis businesses right now! 

No joke, investors are seriously ready to fund commercial real estate for cannabis business ideas that are presented the right way. 

To connect with an investor ready to fund a cannabis business requires strong financial packaging expertise. 

Ultisky Real Estate Holdings, LLC (UREH) is ready to assist with commercial real estate for cannabis businesses funding resources. 

UREH, will assist with finding funding for your commercial real estate for a cannabis business with NO UPFRONT COST!!! 

Let’s work together and get your cannabis business funded. 

If we can’t find you a funding source you don’t have to pay us…Together we can make it happen. 

Apply for a commercial real estate loan for you cannabis business here

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