True Match To Hard Money Lenders #HappyValentinesDay

True Match To Hard Money Lenders #HappyValentinesDay

Are you a real estate investor needing financing solutions?

All real estate deals are not created equal and no deal should be a one size fits all.

UREA is not a one size fits all solution to hard money lenders. We can plug you into a variety of loan programs that fit your specific real estate investment business needs.

Whether you buy property to fix and flip or buy and hold. We have the best loan programs that will help you to realize the ultimate return on your investment.

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UREA will match you to our hard money lenders that have over $50M to lend in your area and they are ready to lend on:

  • Residential Single-Family Homes
  • Residential Multifamily Properties (Duplexes, Triplexes, Quads)
  • Small Commercial Multi-Family (Purchase and Rehabs)

We can offer:

  • Short Term Financing for the Purchase and Rehab of Single-Family Properties
  • Long Term Financing for Single Properties and Portfolios of Single-Family Rentals
  • Purchase or Refinance 5+ Unit Properties with Rehab Short Term, Interest-Only Financing

Every deal is different so contact us to discuss your project and we can pre-qualify you and discuss your best financing options.

Call us at 470-206-8816 or email us at

Get pre-qualified right now CLICK HERE.

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